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From Iceland with love – Agnes + Daniel

Agnes et Daniel se sont mariés à Hong Kong puis se sont envolés pour leur lune de miel en Islande. C’est là bas qu’ils ont souhaité immortaliser leur amour. Figer le souvenir de leur bonheur dans ce cadre naturel irréel de beauté.

Avec les incroyables images de Benjamin Le Du Photography, Agnes et Daniel nous racontent…

The encounter

« It was the first day of a joint-church summer camp. Agnes and Daniel were both 18, just graduated from high school and about to attend the same university. Agnes was assigned to lead a small group and her first task was simply to gather her groupmates to the hall. It was her first time leading church groups and she was nervous. While she was escorting some of her groupmates to the designated place, Daniel came into the hall and was told that he was assigned to Agnes’ group. As he looked towards her direction, he fell for her at first glance.

After the Camp, despite studying in the same university, they seldom got the chance to know each other… but somehow their affection towards the other grew. After a period of waiting and seeking in prayers, they started courtship in the beginning of the third year of university.

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

The Marriage Proposal

He booked a private spa room with the magnificent view of the Victoria Habour at the Four Seasons Hong Kong.  After the spa and while she was getting changed, he transformed the spa room into a proposal room with flowers, her favorite music, the ring and popped the question.

P.S. he was very nervous and stressed during the spa while she was totally relaxed and felt asleep.

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

This photo shoot in Island

This love session photoshoot was taken post-wedding (during our honeymoon) instead of pre-wedding.  Unlike many couples, we didn’t do pre-wedding engagement photo shoot.  Instead, we wanted to share with guests our thoughts and affections towards each other so we have prepared a pre-wedding video.

We both come from Hong Kong, which is really far from Iceland. But the unique landscapes of Iceland have always had its place in our hearts since our childhood times.  We knew that this honeymoon trip was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we wanted to capture this beautiful place and celebrate our marriage all together.  We therefore decided to engage a wedding photographer during our honeymoon trip.  And we never regretted this decision.

We have to take this opportunity to commemorate our extremely talented photographer Benjamin who totally exceeded our expectations. Honestly speaking, as Chinese, it was quite risky to engage a French photographer.  But everything turned out excellently.  Language was not a barrier at all. Most importantly is to choose the photograph whose style is what we love and everything else just flows naturally.  The best thing I love about Benjamin is his ability to picture what he wanted in advance and give me clear directions, once i took off my big coat, he could finish shooting within 5 minutes.  This skill is vital for taking wedding photos in Iceland as the weather is very cold (especially when it is windy) and our body temperatures drops very quickly.  Another thing that Benjamin mastered excellently was his skill to make the best use of natural sunlight, as flash would totally destroy the natural feel of Iceland.

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Best memories

Best memories during our honeymoon photo-shooting trip would be: all the adventurous and life-risking activities we did for the sake of a beautiful photo such as climbing on cliffs, high rocks, stepping on ice etc. Not only us (the models) did these dangerous acts, but also Benjamin risked himself to stand on dangerous spots to get the perfect angle for the photos.  But our principal is not to spoil the nature for our personal sake!

The whole photo shooting took 5 days, in which we went through most of the famous scenic spots in the south of Iceland.  What we took home was not only the beautiful photos but also the priceless lifetime friendship with our talented photographer. 

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Your Advice

If I were to do photo shooting in Iceland again (no i wouldn’t, i would only do it for once!), i would definitely do it in Summer.  Our shooting was done in early Nov.  I know it might not show in the photos but we were freezingggggggg!!  It took a lotttttt of courage and strength to do complete the whole 5 days shooting.  Looking back at the photos, we know it was worth it.  But I can imagine the shooting would be a lot more enjoyable and with more varieties if it was done in Summer.  The downside is that you don’t have the chance to see northern lights and the glaciers may have melted.  But it is really by luck to see the aurora even in Autumn/Winter.

If the shooting is to be done in the cooler seasons, stick a lot of heat pads on your body (especially for the brides) and also bring a long a tumbler that can keep drinking water hot for long hours. 

Do not rent dress/gown.  Buy a dress that won’t break your wallet/heart if it is damaged or gets dirty at the end of the shoot because this will happen for sure. »

Photographe – Benjamin Le Du

Bridal gown – Watters
Evening gown – Designed by the bride
Groom’s Suit – bespoke
Groom’s shoes – Camper
Floral Bouquet and headpiece – Celeste Hana Designs

Photographer – Benjamin Le Du Photography

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  1. Benjamin Le Du

    25 mai 2018

    Oulala!! Que ça fait plaisir de voir cette session dans tes jolies pages Clem!! Merci merci pour cette joile publi!

  2. Clémentine

    28 mai 2018

    Merci à toi de partager un peu de ta magie ici, c’est tellement beau <3

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